10 Best Places to Travel in 2021

Now I think it’s safe to say, none of us got to travel as much as we would have liked in 2020.  

But with a new year upon us, and the potential for vaccines to ease the impact of the virus, we could see greater opportunities for travel in 2021. 

So today, we’ll be looking at our picks for the top 10 best places to travel in 2021.  

We carefully selected these countries because they are some of the safest that you can visit.  

Either they weren’t too badly affected by the virus, or they’ve opened their doors to tourism a lot earlier than most. 

So, without further ado, let’s get into it.    

Where to Travel in 2021


First up on the list we have Vietnam. Located in South-East Asia, Vietnam is a great destination if you love to eat amazing food, experience unique culture and witness natural scenery that’ll never cease to amaze.  

Experience the surreal beauty of Ha Long bay with it’s many forested islands and stop have a drink at one of the many floating bars and markets.  

The countryside offers stunning natural panoramas including the famous stepped terraces, and village communities most tourists don’t get to see.  

A popular way to see Vietnam is to fly to the north or south of the country, buy a small motorcycle for little money and explore the length of the country, stopping off whenever you see something interesting, which will probably be quite often.

Then, at the end of the trip you can simply sell the motorcycle and fly back home, hassle-free.

But make sure you hurry, because Vietnam is becoming more popular by the day. 


In our opinion, Croatia is one of the true hidden gems of Europe.

Nicknamed the “land of a thousand islands”,  Croatia has something for everyone craving tasty views, fantastic food and great roads on the mainland. 

This gorgeous country has everything you could dream of. From beautiful cities like Zagreb and Trogir with friendly locals waiting to be met, to natural parks and a range of mind-blowing islands of all shapes and sizes. 

Plitvice lakes is one of the most beautiful locations in the country, with jaw-dropping waterfalls, and lakes that are so blue and pristine, it’s hard to believe it exists on this Earth.  

There’s no doubt you’ll love this country day and night and probably never want to return home. 


Next up we’ve got the enchanting destination of Hawaii.

A tropical paradise spread over 6 major islands, it’s natural wonders, beaches and non-stop cities are waiting for you to explore.

Hawaii has over 100 crystal clear beaches, including some with black sand and it’s actually home to the tallest mountain in the world, Mauna Kea.

Due to it’s volcanic geography, the wildlife and nature here are like nowhere else in the world. 

Why not take a drive around some of the scenic roads that let you see the mountainous scenery and sometimes, even delving into the jungle.  

Keep mindful of the seasons and do some research on the different islands as they all have their own personality and not everywhere in Hawaii is possible to explore. 


The Republic of Turkey is one to embrace for both nature and rich history.

Divided between Europe and Asia right through the middle of Istanbul, Turkey has been influenced by many cultures throughout centuries.

Key destinations feature Cappadocia, Istanbul and the thermal pools of Pamukkale.

Phallic-shaped fairy chimneys and cave dwellings located in Goreme are a beautiful reminiscence of the 10th century.

Take to the skies in a hot-air balloon and admire this sensational country and it’s alien landscapes with the best views on offer. 

Enjoy sweet baklavas and rinse it down with Turkish tea. That’ll give you enough energy to explore the colorful markets filled with luxurious fabrics, exotic spices and the freshest local produce.  

 Plan your dream trip and make it happen in 2021 with the unique experience of Turkey. 


An adventure in Mexico is one for the body and the soul.  

With clean unspoiled beaches, welcoming people and a rich history and culture, Mexico is a truly inspiring place to travel in 2021. 

Now, Mexico isn’t just made up of deserts and beaches as some would expect. It’s landscapes hold host to a range of mountains, volcanoes, forests and waterfalls.  

Historic sites like Chichen Itza will take you back to a time long, long ago and are definitely not worth missing.  

As you might expect, Mexico’s cities are not for the faint of heart. Vibrant, chaotic but never lacking excitement.

Feast on some of the world-renowned food before washing it down with some tequila with friends.  

There’s such a variety of experiences on offer in Mexico, it’s really worth considering it for travel in 2021. 


Scotland is another great destination to travel in 2021 for all kinds of traveller.

A country with a unicorn as national animal and home to nearly 800 islands, it will warmly welcome you with a glass of world-famous, locally produced whisky and freshly fried haggis.

Scotland’s large variety of stunning hiking trails overlooking mountains, lakes and rivers will leave you hooked to come back for more.  

If road trips are more your thing, why not embark on the famous North Coast 500 and see wild Highland Cattle and deer in their natural habitat. It’s been on our to-do list for quite some time.  

Geographically divided into the Lowlands and Highlands, both parts of Scotland provide similarly incredible selections of lochs, glens and bens.  

Also, it’s worth noting that wild camping is legal here. So stay safe, don’t leave a trace and respect the countryside to enjoy these beautiful locations for free, whether you’re staying in a tent, your car, or even in your motorhome. 


Another great place to consider for travel in 2021 is Portugal.

Portugal is a country with many claims to fame, home to the biggest waves in the world, and some of the best food you could encounter on your travels, it’s long and turbulent history has left locations of immense beauty and wonder all over the landscape. 

Portugal features architectural styles not seen anywhere else in the world and has numerous bizarre locations like the boulder village of Monsanto where the houses are built around massive unmovable boulders.  

If you’re looking for a less touristic experience, don’t spend too long in Lisbon or the Algarve and instead head to explore the stunning Douro valley or the Serra d’Estrella National Park for some remarkable untouched nature.   

So, if you’re a fan of great wine, fantastic driving roads and friendly locals that speak great English, Portugal might just be a fierce contender for travel in 2021. 


Nature wanders on every corner of Argentina.

Located in South America, Argentina is home to stunning landscapes and interesting cities like Salta and Buenos Aires for you to explore. 

Argentina is the least densely populated country on Earth, which is a great option in the current circumstances.

Argentine nature is truly world-class. Deserts, plains, tundras, forests, glaciers and extensive shoreline can all be enjoyed here.

Even better: if you like to wild-camp, there are plenty opportunities for unforgettable cups of coffee with outstanding views.

Also, Patagonia is partially located in Argentina, and is one of the most impressive places on this planet. 

So if you’re a fan of pristine nature, delicious wine and some of the world’s most mouth-watering beef, it could be the perfect destination for you to travel in 2021.


Morocco is a diverse and exciting country located in Northern Africa.

Famous for ancient, bustling markets in cities like Marrakesh, mesmerizing beaches on the coast like in Casablanca, and trips into the Sahara desert by camel; it’s not hard to see why an increasing amount of us have tried something new and laid their hat in Morocco.

Morocco has a remarkable variety of landscapes, from the snowy peaks of the Atlas mountains, to the enchanting blue-painted streets of towns like Chefchaouen. It’s no wonder its signature flavour and admirable charm has been on the bucket list of many travellers for quite some time.

Morocco has a deep and intriguing history, which can be seen in its ancient Islamic architecture and structures built into the rockfaces of the desert.  

Why not book an unforgettable trip through the desert, see this beautiful country from a unique perspective ontop of a camel, before topping it all off with a night spend around the campfire and a million stars.  

So, be prepared to get the sand on your toes and live out your wildest fantasies in Morocco.     


Stunning nature, diverse cities, maple syrup and super-friendly people – that’s what first comes to mind when we think about Canada.

Canada would be a thrill to explore for any traveller in 2021. This welcoming country allows you to reconnect with nature and make some friends along the way.

In the wilderness of Canada lies some of the most spectacular landscapes in the world, in locations like Banff and Jasper National Parks.  

Canada’s other well-known attractions include it’s great lakes and the mighty Niagara Falls. And to be honest, we would love to see them all!  

 Keep mindful of the seasons and book yourself a great time with this incredible country of large diversity. 

Those were our very own picks for the 10 Best Places to Travel in 2021.

What did you think of our list?

Do you have any suggestions for other destinations you’d recommend for travel in 2021?

Leave us a comment down below, we really want to hear from you!


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