The Best Road Trip Games To Play In The Car

Road tripping for hours is a great opportunity to have some fun with your friends, family or significant other. You can try to get to know each other better and burst out laughing when you play silly games. We’re all adults, but that shouldn’t stop anyone from some humorous activities. Let the time pass, find something new and interesting about people you thought you knew so well while chomping up miles road tripping. 

Today, we got the best 10 games to play in the car on a road trip for you and your friends.

Spoiler alert: we don’t find these games lame or cringe, so we hope you will like them too! 

If there are any other epic games you play on your road trips, feel free to share them in the comments, so we can expand our list to the ultimate guide on road trip games!

The Best Road Trip Games to Play in The Car


What’s more interesting than discussing current trends, celebrities, forgotten items, things that everyone seems to love/hate? 

I promise, heated discussions will arise! 

Little disagreements on things like the impact of the iPod on modern pop-culture, forgotten actors we used to have crush on or maybe the last trendy coffee you saw on Tik Tok? Topics are unlimited and rating each subject honestly is more than encouraged.

You may find out that you’re very similar or very different from the person you are road tripping with. 

Don’t get too personal about it and remember to have fun – there’s just as many opinions as there is people and being respectful is the key to have fun and play this game endlessly!

Are you ready? You can get the hang of “underrated/overrated” by watching this video with Gary Vee talking through some interesting topics, people, trends and ideas!

We're Not Really Strangers

If you’re looking to connect on a deeper level than “what is your favourite colour?” This game is a great option for you and your friend, your partner or even a complete stranger. 

Beautifully designed cards contain questions which will make you think, dig deeper into your personality and allow you to find out unique snippets about someone you travel with. We absolutely admire the WNRS card game. If you get hooked on the game and want to keep it interesting and unique for longer, you can get expansion packs which are filled with more relatable questions to your current situation (entering relationship, long term relationship). 

We purchased the “Relationship expansion pack” to mix it up and understand each other better. So far, it’s been a great experience and it really makes us feel like we’re getting closer.

To adjust the game to road trip conditions, we recommend that the passenger pulls out the cards and alternate who responds to the questions.

To find out more about “We’re Not Really Strangers” and buy your set, click here.

Two Truths and a Lie

Reveal yourself to others by playing the “Two truths and a lie” game. There’s no limit to the amount of people you’re playing with, but the more the merrier.

How to play it? 

Say three different ‘facts’ about yourself. One of these facts has to be true, and two of them will be false. If your team guesses it right, you’ll confirm that it is the truth. But if they get it wrong, then they may wonder forever which answer was actually right. No one can ask extra questions to help guessing. 

Top tip: try to make them all sound reasonable so it’s harder to guess!

Guess That Song

Do you have an old iPod laying around or have a Spotify account? Then you’re well set for playing “Guess That Song!” Pick a list, shuffle the songs randomly (make sure no one can see the screen) and make it a competition to shout-out the song title as quick as possible!

To add an extra layer of ferocity to the game, you can play to earn points and exchange them for a coffee on the next break of your road trip adventure. Or something else – possibilities are endless.

You can also focus the game on a specific genre to level it up, especially if you’re a fan of specific kind of music. Keep it fair though, and pick genres you all like so everyone gets a chance (unless you’re a savage!) 


“Trivia” is easy to play and will challenge everyone in the car. One person is dedicated to read the questions and answers, and the rest will pick the correct one. You can also play against each other and get a bit more competitive about this!

It’s best to play using a smartphone and a tablet, with one person dedicated to reading and picking the answers. 

You can also make your own trivia cards to make it more personal and challenge each other in the most unique way!

Check out the best Trivia Apps on AppStore.

Trivia Apps on Google Play.

Five things

If you prefer more creative games which will allow you to open your mind and flex your brain, then “Five things” will be a perfect choice for your road trip.

The rules are very simple – one person requests everyone to say five things which comply with a specific criteria and everyone else responds to it.

To put it in a real-world situation, someone could ask for five things that you like about travel and listen to everyone’s responses. Then, the next question emerges and everyone responds again.

These can relate to things we do, like, features of items (five things that are fluffy or green). To introduce a bit of competition, you may request each answer to be unique (each player needs to have their own response which has not appeared before). 

Would You Rather

A classic, endlessly-funny game which will get everyone involved.

You can get so creative in considering mind-boggling questions and trying to answer them yourself!

Watch this episode of the Misfits podcast to get the grip how to play it and learn that there’s no boundaries in playing it. Meaning, you can get as dirty as you wish. Be careful with playing this with kids, though!

You’re the one to choose how deep or crazy questions can be, and I promise most of them will be challenging to answer – but that’s exactly what you will love about this game. 

If you need some inspiration, this subreddit is a perfect place to get endless suggestions and ideas.

Fortunately, unfortunately

Do you like storytelling? If so, then this game will bring a lot of laughs and fun to your road trip. 

It’s a very creative and engaging game which will boost your imagination.

The rules are very simple: come up with a first sentence about someone doing something and then alternate fortunate and unfortunate events happening as you go along. There’s no real end to this game so try to play it as long as you enjoy it and see how the story evolves and takes unexpected turns! Each person needs to come up with the continuation of the story, so one turn is one sentence.

As an example it could go like:

A doctor got a call she has to do an extra shift tonight. Unfortunately

She wasn’t feeling great that day. Fortunately

Her friend from work called to ask her if she needs any help. Unfortunately

Anything can be a possible part of the story and it may get a bit ridiculous as you play along, trying to come up with ideas to stitch the story together.

Alphabet challenge

Pick one wide topic, like travel, pets or something you like – you can vote! Then try to come up with a word related to that topic, alphabetically. You can all contribute to the alphabet as a team or compete against each other. 

The more letters you go through, the more points you gain. You can compare your results after a couple of rounds and agree on an award for the winner! 

If you get stuck on a letter, your turn ends. Another person starts with an A again.

However, you can also agree that another person carries on from where you stopped.

Example category: Music

  • A – acoustic
  • B – band
  • C – chords
  • D – drummer

Who wins the bracket?

If you were to choose between road trips, airplane or train travel, which one would you choose and why? 

Ultimate answers to simple questions is a great way to reveal everyone’s way of thinking and learn about other people’s perspective. To keep it simple, allow everyone to choose one answer from two or three options – make them explain their choice to get more insight about them and make the game last longer and have more depth. 

You can try questions which relate to each other and focus on specific categories like music, clothes, countries etc. Make sure that everyone is both asking and answering questions. You may prepare these questions in advance and have a selection on hand to get the game started. After a warm-up round, everyone can start coming up with their own ideas. 

Pin these ideas for later!

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