The Best Travel Vloggers to Watch in Quarantine

Here at Lions Detour, we love following the travels of fellow travellers around the world, with their travel vlogs on YouTube.

The global community of professional explorers has exploded over the last few years with more of us documenting our journeys than ever before.

Travel vlogs can open your eyes to exciting new places around the world and inspire you to travel, but it goes without saying that some video creators are more watchable than others.

So if you want to travel the world during quarantine with the very best company, look no further!

Harald Baldr

I have to start with the Northman because amazingly, he is the first travel vlogger I ever watched.

Herald, Mr Baldieri, Progressive Lance, the Albino! – Harald goes by many names, most of which are given to him on his travels.

He opened my eyes to the whole world of documenting your travels to share with others, not to mention he practically pioneered the long-cut style.

The way he explores sketchy neighbourhoods in countries around the world, with such confidence and joyful resilience makes him a memorable person to watch.

Harald is best known for his unique encounters with locals, he never misses an opportunity to invade a local home or business to show us how people live in different places.

He is also quite a history buff and loves to teach us about the history of the countries he visits.

Harald is a stranger to his comfort-zone it seems, he can be seen trying out strange food like guinea pigs in Peru and scorpions in Thailand, all for our viewing pleasure!

Despite Harald’s great success in the travel industry, he is also a very generous man who has given back to people in the community numerous times, to those who have made a lasting impression on him and who he hopes will have a bright future ahead of them with some help.

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Bald and Bankrupt

Not long after I started watching Harald’s videos, I realised his good friend, Bald also had a YouTube channel all about travel.

Bald is such a compassionate, charming man to watch – a firm favourite with Russian-speaking Babushka’s, he is a real man of the people.

What makes Bald and Bankrupt so unique is that he is an Englishman and he speaks Russian and Hindi quite well!

This gives you a unique perspective of life in the countries he seems to have travelled the most, Russia and India.

You can expect to see a very unique way of travelling and interacting with the world, in often dangerous and desolate places that don’t see tourists.

Bald’s channel grew quickly and it’s not hard to see why, his youthful energy, attention to detail and engaging storytelling are captured brilliantly on film.

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Itchy Boots

Itchy Boots tells the turbulent and exhilarating tales of Noraly, an energetic female rider from Holland, tackling a daring round the world trip on her Royal Enfield Himalayan.

Noraly has had her fair share of crazy travel experiences and tricky problems to solve along the way, but the local people in the countries she explores are never far away when she needs a helping hand.

Her travel vlogs show the ups and downs of riding a motorcycle in some of the most perilous terrains from icy mountain passes to mudslides and falling rocks.

Because she likes to keep her video blogs quite short, you are always eager to see what happens in the next episode!

With Itchy Boots you will always be in for an adventure.

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Peter is a Slovakian film maker, world explorer and comedian with some of the most entertaining travel videos on YouTube.

He travels with a light-hearted approach and always manages to see the bright side of a situation.

What I really like about Peter’s travel vlogs is you get to feel and experience what it’s like in some unusual countries you may not have heard of.

He shares a lot of his thoughts and feelings and really comes across as a genuinely good person that aims to drive out the negative stereotypes we have been so used to hearing.

When he is not exploring, he reviews the best and worst establishments in any given country, a video series that has gained a lot of popularity.

Once you get started watching his videos you really won’t want to stop until you’ve seen them all!

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Where’s Poppy

Where’s Poppy is the vibrant travel journey of Poppy, a zesty full-time explorer in search of a connection with local people and their culture.

From what I have seen, Poppy has been on the road for more than 3 years.

At one point she moved to China and learned to speak Mandarin.

In every video she carries her characteristic uplifting mindset and generally inquisitive nature that makes her a pleasure to watch.

Poppy is a journalist as well a traveller and gets to know people from Costa Rica all the way to Australia to discover how people live and what challenges they face.

Follow her adventures into rural China and Tibet to see some very inspirational and original travel films.

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Gabriel Traveller

Gabriel is perhaps the most experienced traveller on this list, with almost 4 decades of world travel under his belt.

He has visited countries far and wide and makes a great effort to immerse you in his surroundings and educate you on the local culture and traditions.

Not only has Gabriel travelled a lot, but he has explored so much of the countries he has visited.

His journeys will take you through all kinds of locations, with experienced advice to help you travel smarter.

He was written and published a book and has been featured on TV numerous times.

His videos capture that raw, unfiltered immersion that exploring the unknown brings so well, from hiking epic mountain trails in the Himalayas to wandering around cities most don’t even know about.

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Steve Yalo

Now I haven’t been watching Steve Yalo for very long, but right from the beginning I found him very likeable and entertaining to watch.

Steve left his life on the hamster wheel in the USA behind and started travelling the world.

It seems he quickly caught the bug as he hasn’t turned back since!

Steve is as free-spirited as he looks and every adventure with him is full of ear-to-ear smiles and moments of laugh-out-loud comedy – making his vlogs so much fun to watch.

From Sri Lanka to Columbia, Steve has travelled to some stunning, gorgeous destinations and likes to provide helpful tips and advice to help you achieve your travel dreams.

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Final Word

I hope you have enjoyed looking through my list of the best travel vloggers to watch during quarantine.

I feel confident that most of the vloggers I have featured here are rarely, if at all, mentioned on any other lists out there, but definitely deserve a shout-out.

If there are any other EXCEPTIONAL travel vloggers that you feel deserve a mention, PLEASE! leave us a comment and I’ll make my best effort to feature them next time.

With that being said, stay safe everyone and get exploring!


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