The Best Podcasts to Listen to on a Roadtrip

Podcasts are a great pastime when you have a lot of miles ahead – or even on your usual work commute (remember these?). This medium has recently boomed with a lot of fresh concepts and interesting show formats. The advantage of the podcast over the radio is that you can tune in any time you wish and not miss out on any past content. There is a lot of topics to choose from and because it’s engaging only one of your senses, you can still carry on with your normal activities like cooking, driving or even running while you listen!

Today, we will focus on podcasts we like to listen to on our own road trips – there’s something for everyone. To help you get off to a better start we selected some of our favourite episodes that showcase the very best the podcast has to offer. The miles will really fly by when you are occupied with something you really enjoy. Road trips are much better with podcasts. Personally, I prefer them to music because you get to engage your brain in a different way, great for those long hours behind the wheel.


Don’t expect sugar-coated stories from these six dudes. Well-known Youtubers, the Misfits, decided to make a podcast and it proved so popular it actually overtook their personal channels by far..

On their podcast, they share some of the funniest stories from their travels, daily life, and banter with each other for the ultimate laugh. Not recommended if you’re travelling with kids, though. 😉

Anything Goes with Emma Chamberlain

If there’s anyone who always has something to talk about, it’s Emma. Her phenomena of ‘it-girl’ is casually blended with her rants about herself and cringe-reading her diary, social media issues or anxiety.

Her obsession with iced coffee and a sarcastic sense of humour makes the AG podcast a great eye-opener to a typical “twenty-something’s” problems.

Adventure Rider Radio

As passionate motorbike riders, Adventure Rider Radio is our go-to podcast to get inspired about motorbike trips and to boost our travel mindset. 

You can get some of the most accurate, solid information regarding motorcycle gear and riding techniques, but best of all is a fantastic selection of stories from the road, told by the world’s most adventurous motorcycle travellers.

Creative Rebels

Challenging perceptions of the creative industry and exploring ideas of how to make a living out of it is what Creative Rebels do best. If this sounds like something right-up-your-alley, there are a range of incredible guests who give useful advice based on their experiences. 

A funny fact is, we actually found out about this podcast because its name has been sprayed on a smokestack in Shoreditch, London – that gives a small hint towards the huge creativity of its hosts.

Whiskey Ginger w/ Andrew Santino

Whiskey Ginger is the podcast of comedian, Andrew Santino, who interviews his friends inside and out,  all while sipping on fine whiskey. The show provides hilarious insights from the reflection and reminiscence of anomalous experiences in their lives. 

There are elements of substance use and an incredible amount of openness that’s rarely heard – that’s exactly what makes it a great choice for “time-munching” the miles on your next road trip.

Uncle Joey's Joint

We consider Joey ‘Coco’ Diaz as one of the best voices in the podcasting world. Not only that, his short-temper leads to unbelievably told stories! These entertaining episodes heavily feature his and his guests’ more-or-less colorized life events and they are, by all means, priceless.

Great comedy, loads of episodes to pick from. You could probably go around the world and not listen to the same episode twice. Solid.

Sweaty Hugs Salty Kisses

If you’re into travel, minus the cliche’s, then SHSK is a great option for you to check out. Our very casual show talks about exploring the world in a manner of different ways, handy tips and tricks, off-the-beaten-track places to visit, our woes of over-tourism and alternative ways of satisfying your travelling itch.

We would be honoured if you gave it a listen, because travel is something that moves our minds and hearts. 

Joe Rogan Experience

The number 1 podcast of all podcasts on the planet – The Joe Rogan Experience. Joe interviews the most interesting people out there, so there’s always something to look forward to. 

We like this episode with Miley Cyrus in particular – it shows there’s always something interesting you can discover about people you thought you knew. We also recommend episodes with David Choe (Spotify link).

Duncan Trussell Family Hour

Another great comedy show, this time hosted by Duncan Trussell, where he and his guests are explore various concepts related to the world and the reality we live in.

Topics vary from spirituality, art, morality, ancient history, psychedelics, actors and much more. Interesting for the open-minded, it might just teach you a thing or two.

This Past Weekend

A great podcast by Theo Von, a larger-than-life standup comedian, hosts a series of entertaining interviews with guests and sometimes solo-casts. 

Expect a lot of good laughs and a solid portion of humour to brighten up your car road trip.


H3 Podcast

Hila and Ethan Klein are a couple, of notable ‘Youtube fame’ who are known for their ridiculous sketches on the platform.

Their podcast is an extension of their comedy careers and features great guests as well. We recommend their #AfterDark series – something nice to tune-in to during an evening drive.

The Tim Ferris Show

Self-experimenting and self-improving are two topics Tim Ferris has a lot of experience in.

The author of the bestselling “4-Hour Work Week” talks about happiness, time-mastering skills, books, and more in solo-casts and with his interesting guests. 

Awaken with JP Sears Show

You may have came across one of JP Sears’ videos in the past. His staple look is long ginger hair and hippie clothes. Pisstakes and parodies of life coaches, celebrities and recent lockdown restrictions are his key videos.

His podcast is a mix of solo-casts and talks with fascinating guests exploring topics like freedom, motivation, self-confidence and more.


These are some of our favourite podcasts which are a part of our daily life – whether we’re doing chores, travelling or we need some background noise while working – these keep us entertained and jolly through the process.

Do you have any suggestions to expand the list?  Please let us know in the comments so we can discover new podcasts and share them with our audience!

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