On a Coronavirus Lockdown? The Best Motorcycle Films to Watch When You Stay Home

The current situation around the world seems to be getting a little bit out of control. Many offices have been shut down and workers have been sent home to either work remotely or wait to come back to work once the situation with Coronavirus slows down a bit.

Having a bit of spare time might give you itchy feet, however, if you are advised to stay at home, it is best to follow the rules. Be considerate not only about your own health and safety, but others too.

So, how about a snuggly evening on a sofa with some incredible on-screen adventures involving motorcycles?

This comprehensive list combines our favorite motorcycle movies and classics every two-wheel rider should see.

Top Motorcycle Movies

Wild Hogs

If you’re aiming for some guaranteed laughs, this American comedy is here to entertain you. Featuring John Travolta, Tim Allen Martin Lawrence, and William H. Macy. ‘Wild Hogs’ is a story of four men from Cincinnati. They are suffering from mid-life crisis and are tired of the daily grind and missing the adventure from their youth. They go on a motorcycle road trip to experience something different and have a lot of misadventures on the way. In short, everything goes wrong. 

Easy rider

American road drama from 1969 – the film is considered a touchstone for a generation, showing a true picture of the United States in the 60s including its flaws and societal issues. That includes drug use, the hippie movement, and communal living. Classic, very successful production, featuring a few of the most iconic locations and routes, not always shot legally. 

The Place Beyond The Pines

Features all-time-favorite stars – Ryan Gosling, Bradley Cooper, and Eva Mendes. It is a story of a motorcycle stuntman, who gets involved in a bank robbery to make a big chunk of money, as he wants to reunite with his ex-partner and live together again with her and their child. The plot is twisty as the best motorcycle roads, this option will definitely keep you excited throughout. 

Ghost Rider

A little twist based on Marvel Comics’ character story. Starring Nicolas Cage, the film tells the story of a young Johnny, who exchanges his soul for a promise of curing his father’s cancer. The promise is fulfilled straight away, however, his father dies from a motorcycle stunt accident, but the deal is still signed and Johnny needs to fulfill the tasks mentioned in the agreed deal. 

The Motorcycle Diaries

A history of Che Guevara, before he became an icon of the Cuban revolution. Ernesto ‘Che’ Guevara travels on one motorcycle with his friend Alberto. Their 1952 expedition has been a life-changing experience for both young doctors. It is purely based on the trip diary which is also a great motorcycle travel book with the same title (originally in Spanish). 

A Story Worth Living

An incredible story about six novice motorcycle riders who go on a road trip in Colorado. The film takes on important topics like the meaning of life, the importance of exploring the world and bonding with other people. There’s a lot of cinematic shots, which are always an important part of road trips on two wheels. 

Road to Paloma

A very strong and touching story in a film directed by Jason Momoa. After bringing his mother’s rapist to justice, Wolf (Jason Momoa) goes on the run from the law on his moorcycle in an attempt to spread his mother’s ashes. 

Riding Solo to the Top of the World

Awarded with a National Film Award for Best Non-Feature Film. The story of Gaurav Jani’s journey to the highest habitable place on our planet is a great documentary to watch. Travelling solo through the dangerous stretches of the earth shows the harsh reality of what it takes to achieve the unachievable. 

World’s Fastest Indian

Featuring Anthony Hopkins, this is a very interesting option for your stay-in evening or lazy afternoon. It tells the story of Burt Munro, who spent years rebuilding a 1920 Indian motorcycle with the dream of claiming a new land speed record. Will his efforts will pay off and allow him to leave a mark on a history of motorcycle records?

Dust to Glory

The most dangerous race in the world is happening in Mexico every year – the Baja 1000. This documentary is all about it – interviewing riders, truck drivers and newbies who want to test their strength and mental ability to take on the ultimate challenge.

Not into movies?

We got some motorcycle books to recommend, too.

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