Steller – The Best App For Creating Travel Stories

Imagine – Instagram with the ability to add depth from storytelling through pictures, with locations and captions integrated into the picture.
There’s a new app on the social media landscape that allows you to do just that, and is a very nice, new way to share the travel adventures you’ve had. 
Every photostory is an immersive, full-screen experience with the added option of adding professional looking graphics to really engage your audeince. It’s a great way to creatively share more information or convey a specific emotion to your reader. 
We’re talking about Steller here. Apple awarded it their ‘App of the Year 2019’.
It seems like simplified storytelling with easy integration to cross-post between platforms is very appealing to a lot of digital creators. I’ve been using Steller for the past 2 months and can see it’s popular with photographers in particular; other kinds of digital art might get more popular here soon.
You can use different templates to “frame” your story with images in different proportions, with added graphic elements, labels, stickers and a good choice of fonts. Everything to make your story appear more personal and unique. You can use both images and videos to make your story even more engaging. 
The look and feel of the app is quite simple and image-focused. You can use hashtags and tag other people with @ – exactly like on all other social media apps. To organize your favorite stories, you can repost them to your collections and you decide how many you create. Collections are shown from the level of your profile and are visible to other users.
Once a day Steller picks the most exciting and visually appealing stories and publishes them to their profile to get more people to see your story.
So far our stories were featured on the app quite a few times, and this is a very good way to build your audience and ignite lively conversations about places we visited. 
I find using the app very relaxing and seeing the effort users put in to make their stories beautiful, interesting and often quirky makes me want to come back and “see what’s up” couple times a day. 

Top 10 tips to post successfully on Steller:

  1. Use Lightroom or any other photo editing app to make your pictures pixel-perfect.
  2.  Add 10-15 best pictures from your adventure.
  3. Make sure that at least a few of them explain where the pictures were taken to add more depth to a story.
    • A good story might cover why you went here, what you like the most and mention your favourite spots or activities.
  4. Tag locations on the map
  5. Use different page templates to make story more unique.
  6. If you’re getting any questions in the comments, respond to them!
  7. You can use the last page of your story to add hashtags and not interrupt the storytelling experience.
  8. Be consistent with fonts and colors across your story.
  9. Post regularly.
  10. Fill in your profile details to increase chance of getting more followers. 
If you want to follow our storytelling attempts, that would be great! We’re @PapaLion and @MumaLion here – have a look at our most recent stories below.

What do you think of Steller? Did you have a nice experience with the app, or maybe you didn’t know about it before? Do you think it has good potential to grow your audience and following, by telling stories with photographs?

2 thoughts on “Steller – The Best App For Creating Travel Stories”

  1. Jordan Foy

    Guys, thanks for the write-up! It is great to hear you in support of Steller and what we are trying to achieve, as well as how it’s helping you to tell better stories.

    1. Marta Maleta

      Hi Jordan, so great to see you there! Our experience has been really good, we will definitely keep using it! // Marta

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