What’s on Our Travel Bucket List?

At the time of writing this, it’s April 2020.

The world is going through a strange time right now.

Most of our daily lives have transformed into something unrecognisable.

Our kindest wishes are with you and your families. – LIONS DETOUR

If you have landed here then almost certainly you love to travel.

For now, though, we have to stay home and all come together to fight this as quickly and efficiently as possible.

In the meantime, we have to find alternative ways to satisfy our curious, exploratory personas.

Lately, we have been talking about what travel goals are right up there at the top of our imaginary lists.

We would love to hear from you!

Share with us, what’s on your travel bucket list?

Ladies first.

Marta’s Travel Bucket List

Ride a horse on trails in Texas

Horse riding brings me back to times when I was in my early teenage years and I was lucky enough to learn horse-riding for a couple of months.

That left me with a life-long passion for those animals.

There is no better place to go for a few days in the saddle than the home of country music and cowboys.

It’s surely hard work and a lot of sweat, but experiencing it at least once in my lifetime has to happen!

North Coast 500 Roadtrip

Scottish raw nature, untouched by people, has been the inspiration and canvas for many film productions, including Harry Potter, Braveheart and even The Da Vinci Code.

On my trip to Loch Lomond, which was a great introduction to nature in Scotland, I decided I need to come back there one day and explore one of the most iconic road trips of the United Kingdom.

The scenery is breath-taking – rated as one of the best coastal road trips in the world.

Also, the road trip is my favourite way to discover new areas.

Worth every one of those 516 miles.

Visit the Fjords in Norway

Norway as a country is very high on my bucket list.

Its unique nature and coastline made of fjords is a guarantee of an unforgettable time.

You can observe those unique rock formations from the boat, explore them by rail, kayak or simply by hiking.

Also, Norway is a great country to explore camping – you can camp almost anywhere legally.

This should help with keeping the costs of travel as low as possible.

See Geysers in Yellowstone National Park

The predictability in nature is often so subtle, that it is not noticeable.

In this case, it’s the exact opposite.

Hot steam of water is pushed out from beneath the Earth’s surface with incredible power.

This phenomenal hot spring source occurs in only a few places in the world.

That will be, for sure, one of the most unique experiences of nature’s brilliancy.

Fly in an air balloon in Cappadocia

Romantic? Tick.

Unique? Tick.

Out in nature? Tick.

Yes, I know you need to wake up at inhumane times and book a long time in advance.

However, every time I come across pictures from Cappadocia, I sigh heavily and think about how to incorporate this unique region in Turkey in our travel plans.

I would love to see how it feels to raise up from the ground in a balloon.

No one is travelling this way anymore – but it’s a great chance for some unforgettable kisses.

And I’m always taking my chances for an unforgettable kiss!

Mandell’s Travel Bucket List

See majestic wild animals in Africa

I’ve never been a fan of the zoo during my time as an adult.

I’d much rather see these big and beautiful animals in their natural habitat – even if it does mean travelling thousands of miles to do so.

That’s fine with me.

The African continent has always fascinated me as it seems so misunderstood and misrepresented. It seems not many westerners know what it’s actually like.

I am really hoping I can go to explore the real, wild Africa and hopefully witness the spectacular charm of these animals in the wild while it’s still possible.

Hiking the Himalayas

As a huge lover of mountains and their infinite mysteriousness – the greatest mountain range of them all is sky high on my bucket list.

Personally, it would mean hiking a lot more to gain experience needed to hike in the Himalayas, but it is something I am very much committed to doing.

By no means do I have interest in trying to summit Everest, I want to keep my life haha.

I would feel more than enough accomplishment and happiness from reaching Everest base camp and everything there is to see along the way.

Be a Cowboy in America

This one takes me right back to when I was a young boy. I thought cowboys (and the bandits) were the coolest.

I developed a bit of an obsession with the lifestyle and I watched a lot of ‘Westerns’ which fuelled my dreams of doing it one day.

John Wayne, The Magnificent Seven, Clint Eastwood – it’s no surprise I most wanted to be like Clint, I think a lot of people did.

I would love the opportunity someday to ride a horse through epic locations just like the WIld West in North America and maybe some of Mexico.

Camp out in the wilderness, hunt and survive just like in the movies.

Moto Camp With Japanese Bikers

Marta and I are both very excited by the thought of camping in the wild with our bikes, but we need to gain more experience and knowledge.

Connecting with the international motorcycle travel community we have seen lots of great examples of bikers camping in the wild.

I especially enjoy the way the Japanese motorcyclists seem to be so passionate about camping with their motorcycle in the forest.

They have a delightful and intuitive approach to setting up camp and how to use resources in their environment to help them.

I feel like it would be a fantastic way for us to learn about Japanese culture, better our skills and have a truly special time in Japan.

Ride Around the World

My greatest dream of them all. The ultimate journey.

To see the world with my motorcycle and a few belongings, taking as long as it takes.

It is something that I know is on the horizon. I’m not quite sure how and when it will happen, I just know my passion to make such a journey will only get more fierce.

I know that when I do take on a round-the-world trip I would like to take my time with it and not to plan too much, just see where the road takes me and enjoy the ride.

So, what did you think of our travel goals?

Do we share any in common?

Let us know in the comments which goals are on your dream list.

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