Lions Ask: Adventure Haks on a lifetime expedition

Lions Ask is a series of interviews with fellow motorcycle adventurers. We ask about all aspects of motorcycle touring, preparation, the early days and unique insights from two-wheel travellers’ daily life. If you would like us to interview you, please get in touch!

Brendon and Kira are motorcycle travellers, who love to feel a strong connection with nature and live close to it.

As they say about themselves:

Simply put, we are two people that have broken out of the typical mold. Our goals and priorities have changed over the years.

Our travels are less about where we are going and now more focused on the most valuable resource available, time. Time to learn, grow, and see the world. 

We like to travel without a plan and a list of things we have to do. For us, travel is living life on the road and dealing with the challenges as they come. We prefer to be in nature, not towns and cities. So every day brings a new adventure. How can we traverse secluded routes with enough food to last? Where can we find water? Where will we find the camp? There’s so much excitement in the unknown, so much adventure in just living.

How did you meet each other?

Brendon and I met through mutual friends when I moved to British Columbia from Ontario in late 2009.

What motorcycles do you ride?

We were two-up on a KTM 1290 Super Adventure when we completed our travels through Latin America.

Now we each own bikes and are going back to the basics. Bren is on a Honda ’05 XR650R and I am on a ‘94 Honda XR250L.

How did you start to travel together?

We have been traveling together for as long as we’ve been together. It began as day-long trips, that then turned into weekends, until the weekends turned into weeks.

For what we were experiencing, it never seemed to last long enough, so we dreamed bigger and planned a year-long trip across the Americas – which became two years.

As you can guess, we are already planning our next adventure and aiming for another 2-3 years on the road. If we are lucky, that really means 4-6!

What do you enjoy most about traveling on a motorcycle?

The best part of traveling on a motorcycle is being one with your environment, for better and for worse. You smell every passing scent, feel every minute change in temperature, and see the world unencumbered by the cage of a vehicle.

Are you planning your next trip?

Yes, but this time, our method of planning the next trip doesn’t involve specific details or destinations.

Currently, we are on a brief pause to recharge our minds, bodies, and bank accounts before we head out for another few years on the road.

Which is your favourite motorcycle travel destination?

Our favorite places travelled by motorcycle were not destinations at all, rather just places passed through on the way to the next.

Each and every great location is very personal to the rider, and the experience is dependent on the mindset at the time. 

Do you have any tips for camping with a motorcycle?

This could be a tip for motorcycle travel in general; get comfortable with being uncomfortable. Eventually you will be able to rough it with a smile on your face.

There is no room for “glamping” gear on a motorcycle.

Do you prefer the sea or forest?

Definitely being in the forest… with a view of the sea 😊

What is your favourite road you did?

There is no possible way to pick just one road, there have been tens of thousands. There can be a great road around every corner, but the best are the ones you didn’t plan to take.

Like the 12A in Peru; a wrong turn took us on three amazing days from the Amazon basin into the heights of the Andes.

How can your community support your adventures?

Just simply reaching out to see how we are doing or offering some simple words of encouragement (or criticism), that can go a really long way.

If you would like to support our work, you can do so by purchasing a print from our website, supporting and purchasing any of the magazines/websites that we are published in, as well as sharing our work with anyone you think might enjoy it. 

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