How to Get NIE Number in Spain Easily?

Today I want to explain the easiest way to get your NIE number which is essential to start your life in Spain. 

Okay, so first thing first - what is NIE? 

NIE is “Número de identidad de extranjero” and is a tax identification number for all foreigners living in Spain.

It looks like this ( X 000 0000 X ) and you will need it to:

  • buy a property
  • buy a car
  • set up a bank account
  • get residency
  • pay taxes
  • go to university
  • register with social security
  • buy products online
  • pay bills
  • become self employed (we got a video how to become self-employed in one day as well)

You get the grip. There’s no way around it, you just need to do it.

There are 3 ways to obtain NIE number:

  • apply via consulate of Spain in your country
  • apply through a representative like lawyer or gestor
  • apply in person in Spain and that one we will go through this process.

It was the very first thing we sorted out after moving to Spain a couple of months ago.

Bureaucracy here might be a bit overwhelming at first so we decided to get some help to get us up and running with all other things we need to sort out.

We asked mynie.co.uk for help. For just under £29.99+TAX  you’ll get all your documents filled in and get the appointment at the police station sorted.

If there are any problems on the go, Lisa and her team will help you to solve any problems you come across.

What do you need to provide for NIE application?

  • your name and date of birth
  • place of birth
  • your parents names
  • reason to apply (buying property, working employed or self-employed, start a company, pay taxes)
  • nationality
  • passport number
  • mobile number
  • area of Spain you’re located in
  • your Spanish address (not necessary)
  • any other details relevant to your availability here in Spain.

Then you’ll be contacted by them to confirm any details, get your appointment date, time and instructions to make your application successful.

you’ll receive 3 documents from them:

  • Modelo 790 which is an order to pay 9.64 euros at the bank
  • EX-15 which is your NIE application document
  • cita previa (appointment) confirmation

Then go to the bank to pay the modelo 790 (do it as soon as possible in case of any problems).

BBVA bank machines allow you to pay it without having to go inside the bank (as the opening hours are quite limited right now). Remember to print out the confirmation of the payment or get a stamp if you’re paying at the bank.

Print all documents out and take with you to the appointment, along with your passport and 2 passport-sized pictures

Then, be there on time!

On the website there is a lot of information about how the appointment will look like and what to say.

How long does it take to get NIE?

In my own experience, it was pretty simple, no questions asked.

We had to travel to Benidorm because they had the soonest availability of appointments (within a week).

But that seems to pretty normal here in Spain.

On the time of your appointment, you will be invited inside and asked to provide all the forms you had to print out, your passport and your pictures.

After your details are checked by a policeman, your NIE document is printed out, stamped and handed back to you along with your passport and whatever they didn’t want to take.

Here you go, now you can carry on with your new life in Spain!

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