Why Do You Need to try Forest Bathing in 2021?

Motorcycle travel comes with an amazing perk of allowing us to spend some time surrounded by breathtaking nature and experience it in a unique way.

If you get a chance, with a spare few hours try to stop by and sink into nature in its most mind-healing state. Leaving your revving, wild machine to rest for a couple of hours will make you come back to it more excited for the next part of your trip.

During this break time, try forest bathing. You will return feeling regenerated and ready to keep going towards your planned destination.

We will explain further, why it is great and how you can benefit from it while travelling on your motorcycle. To summarize for you shortly, it is a great way to relax, unwind, feel connected to nature again and practice mindfulness or meditation.

Forest bathing came from Japan, where it is called Shinrin-Yoku. It is, in short, an art of immersing all your senses in a relaxing forest environment. The relaxation you are able to achieve through spending quality time in the forest might bring you closer to feeling connected with the natural world. Sparkle your curiosity, boost gratitude and give your mind a well-deserved mental break.

Feeling overwhelmed with a city rush?

Modern lifestyles include a lot of time spent in a concrete jungle – busy public transport, grey offices, and glass, soulless skyscrapers. What seems that we all have forgotten is the incredible power of spending time in nature, without a schedule or a planned agenda.

Indulge your mind in the beauty of nature, use your senses to enjoy chirping bird sounds and breathe slowly with humming trees heard in the background. This works wonders for a tired mind.

An escape from the city will not only leave you more relaxed but also more alert and observant.

Where did forest bathing originate?

Shinrin-Yoku, which we know as forest bathing in English is a practice originating from Japan. The national health program developed in 1982 was designed to minimize stress levels within the Japanese population.

This is the list of activities promoting mental well-being as an overall strategy for thw good health and longevity Japan is known for.

One of the recommendations was a practice of spending quality time in nature, especially in the forest.

It is getting more popular in European countries and the United States, as a cure to our stressful, fast-paced lives.

What is forest bathing?

Forest bathing practice promotes focus on mental health and highlights the importance of being in contact with nature. A variety of activities – guided or not – are meant to bring relaxation, stress relief and improve your mood.

To describe the practice of forest bathing, imagine it like a walk in the forest with an open mind of a child, noticing all sounds, colors, smells and unique features of a space you are surrounded with. A structure of tree bark, smoothness of trees, a bird’s song.

There are different activities involved in the forest-bathing experience. How you are connecting to the natural world is completely up to you and how you feel like exploring.

Coming from principles of mindfulness, forest bathing enables us to experience many benefits that are easier to achieve in a forest environment, rather than in an overwhelming urban jungle.

Why is forest bathing good for your health?

Forest bathing brings our bodies into an environment it is naturally more used to – for hundreds of years, humans were relying on their ability to use resources available in nature around them.

Nowadays we only need to obtain some funds towards funding our lifestyle, which is quite far from what it used to be back in the day.

Inside, we’re not that far from those people who were hunter-gatherers. A lack of physical activity and contact with nature is taking a toll on people’s mental health.

Reinstating the relationship with nature through forest bathing is a great way to improve your mental well-being. It is highly recommended for people who have full-time jobs in shops, offices and any other inside spaces. These working environments are not stimulating enough for our minds to release the tension built up through daily challenges at work.

Benefits of forest bathing

Spending time away from the city bustle allows you to fully relax in peace and quiet. Breathing fresh air makes your head think clearly and unwind from daily stress.

Relaxation through mindful activities in the forest are very beneficial in reducing stress levels and can help to restore your physical and psychological health.

Natural essential oils occurring in trees, moss, and bushes help to strengthen your immune system.

Increased physical activity and a reduction in obesity rates. A simple walk through the forest will increase your blood flow, reduce blood pressure and help you have a relaxing time.

The best night’s sleep is after a whole day spent in nature.


Forest bathing is a great way to reconnect with nature while you are travelling on a motorcycle. Park your machine, secure your luggage and take a few steps to reach your zen state and fully forget about daily problems and responsibilities.

Both motorcycling and forest bathing are great tools to feel the ultimate freedom.

Get yourself to the forest soon.

I promise, it’s worth it.

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