Efteling theme park. Forget your age in the Netherlands.

When you’re an adult, you only seem to get to go to the theme parks with kids or your friends with kids. That’s how I found out about this incredible place in the Netherlands.
Efteling is an amusement park, which looks like the time stopped here in the fifties. And that makes a lot of sense because this park was opened in 1952 and until today, looks exactly the same. Being one of the oldest amusement parks in the world, it is a great place to spend a couple of days with your whole family or a partner. It’s not only meant to be for kids – I completely fell in love with it being in my middle twenties. I’m guessing I’m not the only one who feels the strange nostalgia towards it, as it attracts 5 million visitors every year.
When you enter the park, you feel like you’re in a fairytale straight away. All attractions reflect either ancient myths, legends, Dutch fairytales, with some of them being known around the world. Dwarf trees, real steam train venturing around the whole establishment, various carousels and rides – there are more than plenty of attractions to forget yourself and enjoy your time in Efteling. If you appreciate realness, respect for nature and need an idea for a unique day in the Netherlands, it’s the place to be.
Efteling park - magic tree
The park is located in Kaatsheuvel, Netherlands. See it on Google Maps.

Info snapshot

Overnight stays in Efteling (from €319 per night)
Ticket prices:
  • Year-round ticket – € 42 per person
  • Low season ticket – € 38 per person
  • Car park ticket –  € 12.50 per car
If you book a ticket online, you get € 2 discount.
Distance from bigger cities:
  • Amsterdam – Efteling: 108km, 1 h 20 min
  • Rotterdam – Efteling: 69 km, 50 min
  • Eindhoven – Efteling: 44 km, 35 min
  • Closest airport: Eindhoven (EIN)
What I really like about the park, is the unique nostalgic atmosphere. It is very romantic to walk along cobble-stoned, twisty alleyways – even with many kids running around and looking behind every tree and under every stone. There are 8 rollercoasters and many attractive events happening every day. This might include special shows, rides, and live entertainments – you will never get bored or understimulated in this wonderful world of Efteling.
Every evening, just before the park closes, there is a fountain and firework show for a memorable finish of the day. I can’t think of many more cheerful days to have with your loved ones. There is no other place like Efteling and it was a very remarkable day I could feel very relaxed.


Thank you Efteling and see you next time!

The park is located in Kaatsheuvel in Netherlands – 108 km south from Amsterdam, 69 km south east from Rotterdam and 44 km north west from Eindhoven.

Efteling is 108 km away from Amsterdam. It is 1 h 20 min drive by car. 

Efteling is 69 km away from Rotterdam. It is 50 min drive by car. 

Efteling is 44 km away from Eindhoven. It is 35 min drive by car.

Efteling park was opened to the public on 31. May 1952.

Efteling park covers an area of 72 ha / 494 acres / 2,000,000 m² or an are of 280 football pitches. 

The airport closest to Efteling is Eindhoven (EIN).

Efteling is open all year around – see their website for the latest information about opening hours. 

Efteling park does not have a swimming pool. However, you can find an indoor swimming pool if you stay in a Efteling Bosrijk resort. 

Efteling consist of 8 themed roller coasters, including Baron 1898, Python, Joris en de Draak, Flying Dutchman, Vogel Rok, Bob Track,Max&Moritz and Pegasus.

  • Year round ticket – € 42 per person
  • Low season ticket – € 38 per person
  • Car park ticket –  € 12.50 per car

If you book online in advance (up to 2 weeks ahead of your visit) you will receive a € 2 discount.

Efteling is open all year round. Opening hours vary with weather and daylight. It usually opens between 10-11 am and closes around 6 pm. The latest information about opening times can be found of Efteling website.

You can buy your tickets at cash register, but if you book online in advance (up to 2 weeks ahead of your visit) you will receive a € 2 discount.

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