Easy Road Trip Snacks Which Don’t Need Refrigeration

Don’t we all love a good road trip? 

Hours spent on the road listening to music, podcasts and observing the landscape, pleasing our eyes with its natural beauty. During these times keeping yourself entertained is key! And what better way to do it than the simple art of snacking? 

To keep your energy levels in check, hearty snacks are a great way to eat on-the-go. This avoids the need to stop at a restaurant for dinner or to rely on the petrol station food selection.

Today we’ll share with you some of our favourite road trip snacks. They’ll keep your belly happy, they’re nutritious, taste great and don’t need to be kept in the fridge.

These road trip snack ideas are easy to prepare yourself and will save you money. Avoid the temptation of sugar-packed unhealthy snacks from petrol stations on the way and prepare ahead for the feast of your life!

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Quick and Easy Road Trip Snacks

Oat cookies

These gluten-free and dead easy to make cookies have been fuelling my road trips since I was young and travelling with my parents. It’s a great recipe to have on hand when you have a bunch of very ripe bananas and you want to save them from being put to waste.

The really dark brown bananas, which are caramelising inside actually work best, because of all the sugar they contain.

To make them:

Mix banana (make a pulp of them with a fork) and oats, roughly 1 cup of oats per large banana, but feel free to experiment with this recipe.

Mix it together and add any extra flavours you wish (personally, I like to add grated apple and cinnamon to spice it up).

With the mixture, make circles around 4-5cm diameter and 1cm thick on a baking tray.

Allow them to bake in a pre-heated oven at 180°C/356°F for around 25 minutes. 

Enjoy them warm or cold.  

  • Oats
  • Ripe banana
  • Nuts, raisins or chopped fruit of your choice (optional)

Celery and peanut butter

You might think celery and peanut butter sounds like a really weird combination, but really it’s weird at its finest.

Have you tried this combo before?

Both apples and celery go really well with peanut butter or any other nut butter you have (I’m the almond butter junkie). The solution to all of your problems? Glorious and unforgettable peanut butter, my dear. 

Make sure to pick a peanut butter which doesn’t have palm oil or sugar added. Pick the healthiest option for yourself and enjoy the benefits for your mind and body. 

Apple slices with cinnamon

Great in its simplicity, apples are full of nutritional vitamins and promote good gut bacteria, which will positively affect your digestion.

Add cinnamon for a bit of a festive vibe (also it’s an incredibly healthy spice!) and enjoy without a worry on this planet.

If you’re feeling adventurous, try adding some extra nut butter previously aforementioned. To make the most of your apple snacking, don’t pre-cut the fruit – it will retain more vitamins (which are oxidising as soon as you cut them open) if you slice them just before eating.

Cheese sticks

Cheese is really good source of energy. Containing mostly protein and fat, it’s perfect for a stable amount of energy lasting a couple of hours.

Cheese doesn’t spike your insulin levels either, so if you’re a diabetic or trying to eat low-carb foods, cheese sticks are the way.

Again, to save money: don’t buy pre-cut cubes, instead go for a value pack and cut them into cubes yourself. You decide on the shape and size. Also, pick a particular kind of cheese you like.

My favourites are mature Cheddar, Manchego, Monterey Jack and Mozzarella (the pizza kind, which is more dense and easier to cut).

Hummus and veggies

Hummus, the king of dips, is a great choice for road trips. Thanks to its neutral flavour, it can be enhanced with almost anything!

Our personal favourites are: smoked pepper caramelised onion, sun-dried tomato and flaked almonds.

It’s very filling and tastes great. Our tip: buy hummus in a big container and add different spices to create the ultimate experience of flavour and texture.

To make your very own flavoured hummus, just add 2 tablespoons of ingredients of your choice per cup of hummus.

For dipping, try chunky-cut slices of bell pepper, celery sticks, carrot sticks, cucumber slices, rice cakes, sweet potato chips, pitta bread or cheesy chips (read on!)

Guacamole and nachos

You Avocado lovers, you surely know the guacamole dip well and worship it.

Quite possibly the ultimate snack to share with friends at parties, when you’re binge-watching and of course, when you’re roadtripping! 

There’s many recipes on the internet, but it’s simple. The staples to make this dip are:

  • ripe avocado
  • lime
  • chilli
  • onion

If you’re serious about your guacamole, we recommend some cilantro and finely chopped tomatoes for the most authentic flavour.

Nachos are responsible for the crunch and spooning the dip comfortably. Go for basic, salted flavour nacho chips or tortilla chips to enjoy the full blossom of the guacamole goodness.

Roasted nuts

Nuts are a super-healthy source of energy which will last you for many long hours of driving. They’re also easy to prepare in the oven yourself.

You can enhance their flavour by adding salt, ground pepper or even lime to the roasting process. 

Nuts vary in size, shape, flavour and texture. It’s entirely up to you which nut you’d prefer to pack with you.

Mix different kinds of nuts to keep it interesting and try to stay away from too much salt, that’ll only make you feel very thirsty inside!

Our favourite nuts to snack on during road trips are:

  • almonds
  • macadamias
  • cashews
  • hazelnuts
  • walnuts
  • pine nuts

Overnight oats

You might have seen these beautifully prepared jars full of an ungodly amount of delicious ingredients. Bananas, strawberries, almond butter, berries, nuts, honey and whatever else you find are worthy. 

In fact, these super snack jars are super easy to make and if you use an alternative milk (like oat or soya milk) – they are perfectly capable of surviving all day in a car travelling. 

Remember to put them in the fridge the night before and let time do it’s thing – the oats will soak up all the milk to create a soft, but textured world of amazing flavours.

The oaty goodness can be consumed cold or warmed up – all hail the chilled and refreshing overnight oats jar!

These are best served in mason jars – and how pretty they are too!


Empanadas are a delicious Spanish snack I discovered recently. They remind me of Polish dumplings. However, these are baked and contain very flavoursome ingredients. Also, they may be considered by some as miniature calzones.

Often filled with tuna paste, minced meat, tomatoes and onion, they are then baked to create a perfectly portable, savoury snack.

Empanadas are delicious and “road trip friendly” (there’s almost no clean-up involved, as long as you’re not a messy eater!).

I found some recipes if you’re into a DIY version of these.

A good ol' sandwich

Freedom of ingredient choice, easy to wrap, comforting and fully customisable, have you ever thought about a sandwich in that way?

If you choose your ingredients well, get a nice, fresh stick of bread (we love rustic baguettes with a crispy skin) and be generous with salad vegetables, cheeses and meats, you’re ready for the experience of your life. Make sure you stop for a break to enjoy your sandwich fully. 

Our formula to creating the best road-trip sandwiches is to have a bit of everything:

  • fresh bread
  • real salted butter
  • salami or ham
  • a nice cheese (like havarti, manchego, edam, cheddar or mozarella)
  • tomatoes or cucumber
  • aioli also works great – it’s very similar to garlic mayo. You might want to skip that one if you’re travelling with a partner and they;re not a garlic-lover 😄)

Top tip: If you don’t like single-use bags or wrapping in tin foil, bee wax wraps are much better alternatives and they keep your bread fresher for longer. 

Cheese chips

Cheese chips are a life-changer if you love the crunch of chips, but are not a fan of a heavy belly after snacking on some (not to mention how unhealthy they are).

These are fun and quick to bake, and retain their crispiness for a couple of days. 

Your choice of cheese is key here; go for a cheese that melts nicely but is firm when cooled. 

We recommend:

  • Cheddar cheese
  • Gouda
  • Edam
  • Provolone

These are so delicious they convert die-hard fans of regular chips into cheese chip munchers.

Fancy charcuterie board

Jokes aside, this is getting real. Charcuterie boards overtook Instagram without a doubt.

Treating our eyes with carefully folded salami slices, shiny olives, perfectly crunchy crackers, funky shaped cheeses and garnished with grapes and fresh rosemary… I’m already hungry.

So let’s  talk about charcuterie boards that are also “road trip friendly”. 

They’re a perfect sharing option and you only need a container to fit all the ingredients. You can prepare it ahead of your trip – and I highly recommend it for the best results.

It’s even possible to make your own “cheese plate” for when you fly. So when you’re travelling in a car it saves you a lot of effort to sneak these through TSA (and gives you a lot more space!).

Make sure you have fairly big, rectangular container with a lid – there’s some suggestions below. 

Any other suggestions?

We understand that there’s as many tastes as people in the world and it would be amazing to discover more road trip snack ideas from you all.

Something plausible to munch on, easy to eat using your fingers (not everyone has the benefit of a co-pilot feeder) and just delicious and healthy.

Any suggestions? Let’s work together to build up the ultimate list of road trip snacks! 

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