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We pride ourselves in being open to all kind of exploration and making adventures one of its kind by meeting locals, respecting and admiring natural environment. In this section you will find our recommendations, methods, tools and gear we use to make our travelling unstoppable.

How to Travel the World On a Budget

From our years of travelling, we’ve learned things along the way that have allowed us to spend less money, and even to acquire some things for free. Learning from experience, we have come to realise most of the things we

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Tips for Packing Light

I can whole-heartedly say, that the the idea that ‘the more things you pack the more prepared you are for adventures’ – is a myth. What if carrying tens of kilos of unnecessary baggage actually restricted the kind of travels

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We Visited Tuscany!

Last autumn, Marta and I packed our bags, left the motorcycles at home and flew from our home in London to Italy! This is the story of our adventure, told with pictures, of the amazing time we had. For Marta

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Most Quirky Vintage Markets in Europe

The Most Quirky Vintage Markets in Europe

Each holiday I feel like I’m subconsciously keeping my fingers crossed that I will have a few hours to forget myself in a magical world of flea markets. Browsing through curiosities, looking on my reflection in golden-framed, crumbling mirrors and

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Why You Should Add Georgia to Your Bucket List

A post-Soviet republic neighbouring with Russia, Turkey, Armenia and Azerbaijan, with a coastline on the Black Sea. Its unique culture, local cuisine, varied topography and affordable prices make it a perfect bucket list destination. Georgia. What is so special about it? Georgia on

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The Best Jobs That Let You Travel More

We live in a ‘9-5 society’ where it’s quite easy to forget the possibilities to make your own choices and detour from this life pattern followed by virtually everyone. If you pursue one way and stick to the same industry/position

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