The Best Gifts For Motorcycle Riders This Christmas 2020

Finding the perfect gift for a motorcycle rider sounds like it would be a simple task. But when I had a look for a decent gift, I mostly found gifts that were very cheesy, and didn’t seem to be of much use.

A really great gift for a motorcycle rider is something that the person likes and that will improve their daily comfort, safety and riding pleasure.

Now it sounds like a really difficult task, but hold on, there’s no need to panic. I searched the internet far and wide to build this list of cool and useful gifts for motorcycle riders, so you can save time and stay stress-free this giving season.

Rest assured, you won’t find any rude mugs or tacky key-rings on this list. Each and every option on this list is a genuinely helpful accessory for any motorcycle fan.

Best Motorcycle Gifts in 2020

Training voucher

Motorcycle riding is a constant learning curve. Balancing a two-wheeled machine instills a sensational feeling of freedom, but it does also requires some skill.

Techniques a rider can learn from other seasoned riders could prove invaluable during your daily commute or out of town adventures.

Of course, there’s such a huge roster of advanced training schools and certifications available on the market it can be difficult to narrow it down.

You can also consider pre-paying for a few one-to-one sessions for the most unique experience of a gifted biker!

Tank bag

If your biker of choice doesn’t like carrying a backpack, a tank bag would make a very nice gift to keep their essentials safe.

You only realise how uncomfortable it is to carry your phone, keys, tissues and coins in your pockets until you story it in a tank-mounted bag and go for a ride.

Usually these bags feature magnets and straps for a reliable way to secure your bag to the fuel tank or any model of motorcycle. 

Check out the range Sportsbikeshop has to offer, worldwide shipping is available and their service is among the best out there. 

Season gloves

Conditions can change significantly between the seasons.

If your biker has only one pair of gloves, they are probably designed to function in just one type of weather.

It would be nice if they could have a spare pair for themselves.

Gloves should be replaced regularly with use, so a spare pair always comes in handy.

You can pick from many brands, designs and functions.

Winter gloves, waterproof or summer gloves will surely improve the comfort in a variety of conditions.

T-shirts related to motorcycle adventures

Thoughtful, statement t-shirt is the kind of gift everyone will enjoy wearing on a sunny day to compliment their riding outfit or long sessions in the garage working on a bike. 

If a biker close to your heart appreciates a good t-shirt, we got a nice selection of tees, which are designed by both of us, so the uniqueness is guaranteed. They’re all 100% cotton and would surely be worn with joy (wink wink 😉 )

Neck warmer

Neck warmers are useful for many different occasions. They not only protect you from cold, but also the sun, covering exposed skin.

It makes a big difference and protects the skin from sunburn in the summer and a numb, sore throat in the winter. Also, it reduces the wind getting inside your helmet for an undisturbed ride.

Neck warmers come in variety of designs. Some of them are lined with fleece or insulated material for extra cosiness and warmth.

For something oozing cool, but still warm (catch my drift?) feast your eyes on the magnificent selection Buff USA has to offer.

Dry bag

It’s near impossible to predict an unexpected rain shower, especially in the UK.

If your biker commutes on their motorcycle, most likely this would have happened to them at least once – that’s when dry bags come in handy!

A fully waterproof bag can be strapped to the motorcycle and items inside will not get wet. They are quite handy to keep you clothes in I find!

My favorite destination for dry bags is LOMO because of a great blend of quality, price, and design.


Exotogg is a very interesting concept for a bodywarmer for motorcyclists and other people who have to work in cold conditions.

It is an inflatable bodywarmer which can be worn over or underneath a regular biker jacket.

The problem of motorcycling in temperatures under 10° Celsius is loosing warmth trapped in the jacket because of the speedy wind “cutting” through it.

Exotogg solves this problem by expanding it’s volume can retain body warmth.

It’s a great alternative to electric-powered jacket liners – Exotogg doesn’t require any energy.

Check out the Exotogg website.

Motorcycle boots

Boots are very important for motorcyclist ankle safety and comfortable access to the gear lever.

There are many kinds of boots – for every kind of motorcycle and riding style.

Not only are boots available, but there is also a motorcycle-sneaker trend emerging recently to try and offer the best of both worlds.

You don’t need to choose between safety and style – sneakers tick both of these boxes.

No need to compromise anymore. Shop now on Sportsbikeshop.

Custom patches

If you have some design skills or a willingness to learn, it is a great and unique idea to order some custom made patches.

The possibilities are endless and if your biker loves the unique touch – that’s a great direction to head in.

Most of the patch manufacturers require minimum order quantity, so that would be an issue if you only want one or a couple.

That’s no problem though – you can support small businesses and get something truly unique from ETSY sellers who are always happy to advise you where possible and with a great likelihood of exceeding your expectations!

Helmet stand

The ‘helmet’ or ‘lid’ is the most important piece of safety gear for any motorcyclist and it deserves a dedicated spot in the house.

Stands are very practical and helpful in maintaining the condition of the helmet.

On top of that, they look super cool – am I right?

Phone holder

Sometimes bikers need to glance at their screen to see the directions from the app. Maybe charge the phone directly from the motorcycle.

What about snapping a quick picture while exploring?

Digging out a smartphone from a pocket wearing motorcycle gloves is a dangerous game.

On this occasion, a phone holder comes in really handy.

There are so many available with different kinds of mounts and features to remain accessible and secured to the motorcycle.

Check out Quadlock motorcycle mounts if you’re looking for something dedicated for motorcycles and easy to use.

Motorcycle Dashcam

Riding a motorcycle is a way of experiencing the open road on a different level. True freedom without limits.

We all know however that no matter how careful we are, sometimes accidents happen. 

A dashcam is a great accessory to create high definition recordings of what’s happening on the road to keep your protected.

In the event of an incident where liability can be disputed, your video footage can be used in court to your defense.


Finding the perfect gift for a motorcycle rider in your life is thoughtful and it’s really rewarding to show that you are passionate about their hobby too! And as we have found out, there’s SO MUCH MORE you can gift somebody you love than boring coffee mugs and keyrings.

I hope you found this motorcycle gift guide helpful, please feel free to add any other suggestions in the comment section below. 

Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas!

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