The 10 Best Episodes of the Adventure Rider Radio Podcast

If you love travelling by motorcycle and have a thirst for adventure, then you must have heard of Adventure Rider Radio.

If you haven’t and you need to get up-to-speed fast, Adventure Rider Radio is a podcast about motorcycle adventures that has become a treasure trove of information. The show, that’s been recorded in Canada since 2014, was founded by couple, Jim Martin and his wife, Elizabeth. Evidently, the idea of a podcast about motorcycle travel that was entertaining and added value proved to be a hit, subsequently becoming the #1 motorcycle podcast in the world; among the top 5% of all podcasts downloaded.

7 years of consistently high-quality content is no easy feat. But somehow Jim and Elizabeth have managed to make the show better and better each year, adding to the wealth of enjoyable segments to listen to. Some episodes focus on the technical aspects of riding motorcycles – setup, rider skills etc. while other episodes feature compelling, first-hand accounts of some of the greatest motorcycle road trips ever completed. From riding through warzones and impassable jungles to dealing with corrupt officials, mechanical breakdowns and death-defying roads, there are hours upon hours of gripping stories to listen to.

After listening to every episode of the Adventure Rider Radio podcast, I thought it would be nice to rank the top 10 episodes of the podcast. Perhaps it will give you the motivation you’ve been looking for to go on a trip that really challenges you as a rider and as a person.


The Best Episodes of The Adventure Rider Radio Podcast

Last Chance for Adventure [Heather Ellis]
Photo: Heather Ellis
Lost Trails of the Pyrenees [Austin Vince]
Photo: Austin Vince
Destination Borneo - A Rider's Experience [Tiffany Coates]
Photo: Tiffany Coates
Vladivostok to Bulgaria [Kym and Lenore Osborne]
Photo: Kym Osborne
Where She Wants To Be: A Motorcycle Journey of Self Discovery [Jacqui Furneaux]
Photo: Jacqui Furneaux
Adventure Outside of the Box [Billy Ward/Billy Biketruck]
Photo: Billy Ward
A Seasoned Adventurer Comes Full Circle [Steph Jeavons]
Photo: Steph Jeavons
Living on the Road - Tipping the Scale Between Freedom and Stuff [Scotty Kerekes/Scooter Tramp Scotty]
Photo: Scotty Kerekes
Fifty Years on The Road [Linda Bootherstone-Bick]
Photo: Linda Bootherstone-Bick
King On The Road [Ben King]
Photo: Ben King

To catch a whole heap of other great content from the show, be sure to go and spend some time over at the Adventure Rider Radio Website or alternatively, catch them on Spotify where you can listen to the podcast on the move.

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