About us

We’ve met on one warm remarkable day in London at a mutual friend’s barbecue party. Our first lively conversation highlighted almost straight away, that we both love to travel and are really passionate about it. Not long after we started dating, we went on our first trip together. 

We are working hard to make our living out of it and become location independent world explorers

Marta - Lions Detour


The best doggo scratcher in the world.

Relaxed, Class-clown, Inquisitive.

I love it because it is when I most feel freedom.


Christmas underpants from Budapest.


The holiday *everything* taster.

Persistent, Caring, Nostalgic. 

It makes me fall in love with the world even more. 

I’d say France, but that’s also the country I had a chance to spend the most time in. 

Bit of both really! But sea more… 

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