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Marta and Mandell are Lions Detour.

If we didn’t both make the decision to attend a mutual friends’ barbeque one summer afternoon, we wouldn’t be on this adventure.

From our very first conversation, it was clear we shared shared the same dreams.

A dream to carve our own path in life, travelling the world with no expectations and making a living out of what we love doing most.

Not long after that we started dating, and a few weeks more saw us exploring Europe together on a motorcycle.  

The rest is history!

We are constantly learning and being amazed by the world, travelling on a budget and making new friends wherever we go.

Our love of sharing unique experiences and wisdom from the road is what Lions Detour is all about.

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The best doggo scratcher in the world.

Optimistic, Adventurous, Relaxed.

I love it because it’s when I feel the most freedom and the most alive.

Croatia! Followed closely by Romania


Christmas underpants from Budapest.

Vietnam or Madagascar.


The holiday *everything* taster.

Persistent, Caring, Nostalgic. 

It makes me fall in love with the world even more. 

I’d say France, but that’s also the country I had a chance to spend the most time in. 

Bit of both really! But the sea more. 

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