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Travel people are the coolest people. It seems to be a rule. Have you noticed that?

Travel journaling is our dream job! That’s why we started Lion’s Detour – to share our passionate approach to exploring the world through a welcoming community. We believe that no two trips will ever be the same because what makes those moments one of a kind, is people. So there is always a reason to come back – either to meet old friends or to make new ones!

We create a range of articles, where we share tips and advice on travelling smarter. Learn, how to meet locals on your journeys and how to discover your own hidden gems off-the-beaten-track. In fact, our own journey as a couple was a 2,300 miles trip on one motorbike, so it was quite a steep learning curve. But we passed the test nonetheless and had tons of good times on the go. And with all above in mind – we never looked back since. Despite having a comfortable life in London, we constantly look for opportunities to come back on the road and tackle new challenges, meet new people, learn languages and share it all through our blog and videos.

We are taking our cameras to capture the real vibes of every place we go to become a conversation starter for many amazing stories. Our travel videos candidly document our journey through some of the most incredible places on Earth. We particularly enjoy taking an alternative perspective from that of an average tourist following a trail. Without a doubt, this way is more enjoyable for us. 

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